Funding for Second Part of Leeds Site Allocations Plan Hearing

Leeds has postponed the parts of the Leeds Site Allocation Hearing that deal with the allocation of housing, and Green Belt allocation to housing. This results from their own consideration of housing target revision to 55,000 dwellings, and the more recent government suggested target of 42,000, which Leeds says has come "out of the blue". YGA is therefore having to fund barrister advice effectively for two hearings. This was unexpected; but the decision of Leeds to postpone the Site Allocation hearing is a measure of YGA's success. We need to raise funds to support an additional £3,000 of costs in submitting legal representations for the next part of the hearing process in March 2018 or later. Please help us to maintain the fight.
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About the Campaign

Leeds’ postponement of the Site Allocation Hearings in respect of allocating housing sites, and especially those on Green Belt land, is a sign of YGA’s success so far. But in doing this Leeds have ensured that community groups will have to put in more effort, time and money to be able to ensure that reviewing housing target downwards also means a corresponding reduction in the allocation of Green Belt too.

What is happening now?

Changes are now being made to 2 parts of the Local Plan; –  1) Core Strategy and 2) the Site Specific Plan

Core Strategy Plan (CS)

  • Leeds are calculating a new housing target to include some aspirational growth for employment
  • This new target will indicated if green belt sites are needed – ‘broad locations’ where green belt sites might be used will be suggested – a sort of green belt review
  • Amendments are being made to planning policy around green space and other areas that need updating too
  • In 2018 there will be a public consultation on these changes
  • An Inspector hearing for the plan for the housing target and other policy changes is not yet set.

Site Specific Plan (SAP)

  • The Planning Inspectors have asked for modifications to the SAP, and there are some Leeds want to do themselves. In 2018 there will be further public consultations on a revised site specific plan
  • There will be a new Inspector hearing for the site specific plan around May 2018, or possibly later.

What are the Key Issues for Leeds’ Future Wellbeing and Sustainability?

  • The housing target Leeds decides on and its deliverability
  • The role of Leeds City Region in setting housing targets and the ambitions of this group to create the “Northern Powerhouse”
  • Whether the waters will be muddied with a housing target set to 2033, rather than the plan period of 2028
  • If Green Belt is still defined as needed, and the robustness of methodology used for arriving at the ‘broad locations’ – sites where future development is identified.
  • The enactment of the NPPF and planning process which continues to favours house builders not communities
  • Neighbourhood Plans in Leeds’s view remain subservient to their plans – I.e. plans without teeth
  • House builders continue with their “games”, controlling house supply, build locations and housing type.

Why is YGA’s barrister important?

It is quite clear from our experience with Planning Inspector Hearings that concise legal arguments regarding a plan and its process carry a lot of weight. We need to give local communities the same advantages that both developers and Leeds City Council enjoy. Legal arguments already provided by the YGA barrister put us in a strong position. Such arguments are just as likely to apply to a lower housing target as to a higher one, where Green Belt is being assigned to housing without good reason.

We can only make a challenge with your financial help. Donate today – together we can save YOUR Green Belt and green spaces.

Our fund is for the sole purpose of raising a legal challenge on behalf of all member groups fighting for their Green Belt or greenspace anywhere in the ‘Leeds City Region’.  All monies raised will be ring fenced to promote further fund raising and to support legal challenges made by YGA. 

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