Want to help? You can!

There are many ways you can get involved to protect your Green Belt and green space: –

Join a local campaign group – try searching on the internet and on social media for the name of a place or area which you know to be threatened with development. If there isn’t a local group, why not consider starting one?  We can give you help/advice with this. We’d love to hear of any group in the Leeds City Region which may want to affiliate with us.

Find out if the area where you live has:-

A Neighbourhood Development Forum

These are normally free to join and will help you stay informed about planning issues.

A Neighbourhood Plan

Help to shape where you live; ask your local Councillor if they know whether there’s one being made for your area.

A Town or Parish Council

You could get involved or simply ask to be put on a mailing list.


Find out what’s going on around you, spread the word – talk!

Chat with your friends/neighbours/fellow dog-walkers etc.  and tell them about your campaign, or the YGA – Can they share or ‘like’ YGA’s Facebook page?  It’s amazing how many people don’t realise that their precious open spaces are under threat from developers.  The more pressure we can put on local councils, the better chance we have of saving your Green Belt or green space before it’s too late!

There are all kinds of things that you can do to contribute, either locally or regionally.  Most things really don’t take much time, and you’d be surprised how many different people get involved… anyone can help!

Here are a few ideas: –


✓ Donate what you can
✓ Encourage others to donate
✓ Seek corporate sponsors

✓ Hold an event


✓ Door to door leafleting
✓ Hand to hand leafleting
✓ Business to business
✓ Put up posters





✓ Post on Facebook and Twitter
✓ Write news articles to share

✓ Modify and update website
✓ Create and share press releases

✓ Video, photography, illustration

✓ Create campaign ideas



✓ Attend YGA committee meetings

✓ Respond to website enquiries

✓ Type up meeting minutes
✓ Spreadsheet accounts

✓ Wildlife and nature research


✓ Write to your local councillors
Write to your local MP
✓ Write to LCC Executive and Planners
✓ Write to any influential MPs

✓ Write to Ministers



✓ Contact local TV and Radio stations
✓ Organise a rally or march
✓ Hold a pop-up event
✓ Unusual publicity stunts




Campaigns bring communities together

As the consequences of the relatively new planning law unfold, it’s clear that a close community is more important now than it has been for decades.  Make sure your area has a fair say about local planning – that’s not dictated to by developers, a biased set of planning laws and an unreasonable Local Plan.


As a member of Yorkshire Greenspace Alliance, you will be benefit directly from our rigourous approach to fundraising, and, if you volunteer to fundraise  – in any way you choose – you will be making a significant contribution to the protection and preservation of some of Yorkshire’s most treasured landscapes, Green Belt and green spaces.

YGA is an initiative which is backed by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE). All monies raised will be used to promote further fund raising and ring fenced for the legal challenges made by YGA.  The Vice Chair of Yorkshire Greenspace Alliance is also The Chair of West Yorkshire CPRE.  YGA will make legal challenges on behalf of affiliated groups, fighting to protect their Green Belt or green space, anywhere in the ‘Leeds City Region’.